Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky Seasonal Sweets

Takahachi bakery is a small French pâtisserie in Tribeca that is owned and operated by a very pleasant and skilled Japanese crew.  Franco-Japanese food fusion is not an uncommon pairing, but it's not all too often that you see it so well executed.

Takahachi Bakery  
25 Murray Street
New York, NY

Everything I've tried here has been worthy of seconds, however, their seasonal black and orange macarons (in honor of Halloween) are not to be missed.  The orange is pumpkin and the black is "goma", or black sesame seed.

The pumpkin tasted more like pumpkin and less like pumpkin pie, which is a good thing.  The "goma" variety tasted a lot like red bean -- a little sweet, a little earthy, a little strange.  If you are in the area, put down $3 for the pair, you won't be disappointed.

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