Monday, November 26, 2012

Closer To You Korean

Astoria is renowned for its culinary diversity but is seriously lacking on the Asian front.  We have some serviceable Japanese and Thai restaurants but that's about it when it comes to edibles from the far east.  All of the Chinese take-out are garden variety and Korean was non-existent, until recently.

Seoul Fusion Eatery
2406 34th Ave
Astoria, NY 11106

Seoul Fusion Eatery is located down 34th avenue, a stones throw from the projects.  As such, the "fusion" element consists mostly of pizza, fried chicken and burgers -- they know their audience. Their Korean menu is pretty extensive, featuring all of the usual suspects: kimchi, ddukbokki, jigae, bulgogi, and a various kimbap.

I've only tried the cheese kimbap and it was OK.  K-Town, Elmhurst or Flushing are still your best bet for the good stuff, but I'm very pleased to have a more convenient option in the neighborhood.

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