Thursday, April 30, 2015

Food Bazaar Alert!


I hope you guys were able to make it! Great weather, great food, and the lines weren't all that bad. There's still an hour left!! GO!!


I've been routinely attending the Masjid al-Hikmah food bazaar since Dave Cook over at Eating in Translation put me on to it over five years ago. I'm not sure if they're "catching on," or if I'm just becoming more aware of their presence, but these transient taste treats are certainly occurring with more frequency. Masjid al-Hikmah hosts a sizable outdoor event on the 1st Sunday of each month between May and September.  Smaller events pop up at other community centers throughout Queens, but those are more difficult to forecast.

Indonesian Food Bazaar
Sunday, May 3, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Masjid al-Hikmah Mosque
48-01 31st Ave. (at 48th St.), Astoria, Queens

If you didn't have anything to do this Sunday afternoon, now you do!! -- you're welcome!

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