Saturday, September 15, 2012

East of the Feast

If you are in the neighborhood for The Feast, keep Dragon Land Bakery (DLB) on your radar -- just in case you get tired of stuffing your face w/ cannoli and sausage.  It's actually southwest of the San Gennaro Feast, but that doesn't make for a good title, does it?

Dragon Land Bakery
125 Walker St (b/w Centre & Baxter)
New York, NY 10013

DLB offers a wide variety of well-prepared buns, both sweet and savory.  The prices are straight out of 1978, so buy a bunch and see what floats your boat.  You can't go wrong w/ the infamous hot dog bun, but do try the corn & ham -- a personal favorite.  They also have a bunch of exotic drinks you've probably never considered, like sugar cane juice.

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