Sunday, July 11, 2010

Restaurant Weak NYC

What began in 1992 as a lunch only, one-week promotional event amongst local NYC restaurants has evolved into a twice annual excuse for unscrupulous Restaurateurs to pawn off past-it's-prime skate to unsuspecting Top Chef fans. There's no way to look cool while ordering off of the Restaurant Week menu, but if it qualifies you for a $35, three-course diner from a Michelin star rated restaurant, who cares if the staff thinks you're a complete rube?

-- scenes from Aquavit RW

Venom aside, Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to experience culinary tastes and techniques that would otherwise be very much out of your price range. Avoid places where the scene has more flavor than the food. Also, consider a lunch session -- most of the higher-end establishments only offer a lunch special -- these are invariably worth the price of admission.


Del Posto Ristorante (lunch only)
The Harrison

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