Monday, July 19, 2010

...And Futos For All

You'd probably figure a prick like me too proud to eat salad bar sushi, and for the most part you'd be right, except for when it comes to the futomaki over at Morgan Market's in TriBeCa.

These are hands-down my favorite maki-rolls in all of NYC. The mock crab meat is generously positioned and the avocado has the consistency of warmed butter. Better yet is the dense, overcooked rice -- a guilty pleasure for sure.

Morgan's Market
13 Hudson Street

The salad bar is only open Monday-Friday from about 10am - 8pm. If you come after 4pm, the entire rig is half-off, however I wouldn't bother w/ anything but the futos. The salad bar used to be open until midnight, but a marauding pack of drunken teens would constantly help themselves to late-night snacks, forcing the owners to close up shop earlier.

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