Thursday, December 31, 2009

secret sushi

Azabu is a clandestine sushi lounge nestled away in the basement of the unassuming Greenwich Grill -- a restaurant hidden inside of another restaurant -- how tribeca chic. the whole "undisclosed location" bit might seem a bit pretentious to some, but i think it's totally hip, probably because i am a super-cool dude who is always in the know.

Sushi Azabu
428 Greenwich Street (b/w. Laight & Vestry)
New York, NY 10013
marketing tactics aside, this place is the tits. the setup is small; 6 seats at the sushi bar, and 3 booths in the rear. the nimble waitstaff deftly dart in an out of open holes like little japanese running backs, utilizing any free space available to provide attentive, yet unobtrusive service. the decor is austere and unassuming, no 50-foot Buddah sculptures or flying dragons here -- just heavenly cuts of the freshest fish money can buy.

the price isn't cheap, but considering the quality of fish and level of service, it's more affordable and a better value than most of its peers -- i'm looking at you, Yasuda. my suggestion is the $65/person "Azabu Course", which includes the amuse, a few slices of sashimi, broiled fish, 8-piece nigiri, and other various odds and ends.

Sushi Azabu just received a Michelin Star; it's only a matter of time until this place completely blows up -- get in there before reservations become a commodity.

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