Monday, December 14, 2009

"Mmmhmm, this IS a tasty burger"

"saving the world one burger at a time" is their tag line. while i can't attest to that, i can confirm that the boys down @ the Frites 'N' Meats truck do make one tasty burger.

Frites 'N' Meats
Corner of Greenwich St. & Chambers St.
M - F 11:30AM - 7:30PM

they showed up on my radar about 6 weeks ago; one of several bourgeoisie street vendors making the scene. the F'n'M truck sports a flashy Cow-Man superhero decal and is decked out in bright hues of orange -- an ostentatious "fuck you" to the delicate sensibilities of the yuppie scum that have engulfed the neighborhood.
--these guys are alright, and so is their food.

the menu consists of burgers, soups and fries. there are rotating weekly specials; last week was the lamb burger, this week "the oinker," a pork party on a bun. all food is cooked to order, w/ you choice of condiments, cheeses, and even bread options.

the french fries taste remarkably like McDonald's -- this is a good thing! they offer various dipping sauces to go w/ your frites - mostly blue cheese, and various mayonnaise concoctions (garlic, sun-dried tomato, horseradish, ect).

"the oinker" consisted of a well-seasoned pork patty (that tastes like an italian sausage), double-cut bacon, gruyere cheese, savory onion jam, and some other tasty bits. it was moist and delicious, my only complaint is that it isn't a beef burger - but i knew that going into it.

the wagyu beef burger was perfectly seasoned, and cooked just the same. it's hard enough to get a restaurant to cook a burger w/ proper pink in the middle, but the F'n'M Truck was able to pull it off.
"better than i had expected" sums up the entire meal -- i'm not sure if that's because i wasn't expecting much from a burger truck, or because they really knocked it out of the park -- i'm leaning towards to latter.

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