Tuesday, September 23, 2008

street meat fit for a K I N G

there are few things in life that please me more than purchasing an entire meal in one plate, especially when the plate looks like this:

and for $6, how can you go wrong?

-- behold "THE PLATE"

a heaping portion of marinated chicken thighs served over a bed of rice with a fresh salad, green pickles, falafel and pickled turnips. tite.

the chicken is marinated overnight in secret blend of 7 spices, steam-grilled on a flat top and
hacked to pieces by your host, chef freddy jr.

freddy is a character, to say the least; his presence creates a convivial atmosphere that spans the entire block and beyond. you can tell her really loves what he does and you can taste it in his food. lame, i know - but true nonetheless.

freddy has a pretty extensive menu for a street vendor; shwarma, falafel, kefta, and kebabs to name a few. i've tried it all - and it's all good. the shwarma can be a bit dry if you go too late so don't drag your ass!

the cart is located @ 30th and broadway in front of the c-town. their hours vary - try tocatch them before 8.


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