Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tubular Tubers

Beets.  I've learned a thing or two about these sweet, starchy dirt candies since my 2010 post, "Just Beet It".  Now I pass this knowledge down to you:

  • When roasting beets, do so on a bed of kosher salt. Add enough to cover the entire bottom of your cooking vessel   Don't be shy -- salt is cheap.  The salt absorbs additional moisture during the cooking process and concentrates the sugars.  More sugar = more sweeter.
  • Cook, peel, and chop your beets. Place the beets in colander while they cool, and douse them w/ a heavy splash of red wine vinegar (sherry works too). The beets will continue to absorb some of the flavor and color of the vinegar while they cool.

Will these tricks make your beets taste better?  Possibly.
Are these extra steps necessary?  Maybe.
Will people believe you if you post these gems on a food blog?  Absolutely. 

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