Saturday, November 17, 2012

All Those Leftovers

Between Hurricane Sandy and the fast approaching Holiday season, I've been unable to dedicate much time to Mission Insatiable.  No new recipes this year, and my my advice to anyone who is cooking up a turkey for this Thanksgiving is the same as last year: brine that bird!  I don't care who you are or how your grandmother taught you to cook a turkey -- if you don't brine the bird it will be dry.  Everyone will lie to your face and tell you how delicious it is, but we both know the truth.

Regarding leftovers, I will reference a 2010 post for curried turkey salad.   It's vibrant, easy and delicious.  Give it a go this year.

I also suggest that you reheat leftover stuffing by cutting it into rounds and searing it on the griddle.  Stuffing is my favorite component of the Thanksgiving feast, and these seared rounds take the indulgence to the next level.

From your friends at Mission Insatiable -- get your binge on!

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