Saturday, December 24, 2011

Salumeria Season

Italians are renowned for the culinary contributions, but none is more indulgent than the Holiday antipasto.

"Antipasto" translates to [a meal] "before the meal", and typically consists of cured meats, pickled vegetables and artisanal cheeses.  In many ways, antipasti (plural) is a status symbol for Italian-Americans, with a lavish spread being indicative of property and good financial fortune.  If you have the means, you should purchase your antipasti from a true Italian pork store.  You'll pay a bit more for the premium Italian imports, but the quality is unmatched, so long as you go the right place.  My recommendation for NYC locals is Sorriso's Salumeria located along the outskirts of Astoria, Queens.

Sorriso's Italian Pork Store
44-16 30th Ave
Astoria, NY 11103

Sorriso's is a family run business (as are most Italian pork stores), and the staff is always well-informed, outgoing and amiable.  I prefer Sorriso's over the competition partly because of the service, but mostly because they stock superior products at more reasonable prices.  I won't knock places like Fiacco's and Eataly in Manhattan, but I also won't waste my money there.

Whether you're stocking up on antipasti for the Holiday, or just want an over-stuffed sandwich, go out of your way to give these guys a shot -- you won't be disappointed.

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