Thursday, June 30, 2011


Astoria has its fair share of street food -- Mexican taco trucks, souvlaki slingers, kebab carts, and even a Vendy Award winner all grace these fine streets. With so many options, how can you tell if a vendor is the real deal, or just a jive turkey?  You could check yelp, Chowhound, or Grub Street, but sometimes those unscrupulous foodies keep the real finds to themselves.  This would explain why I couldn't find much info on the al-Shamy kebab car located down Steinway Street.  

al-Shamy Kebab Cart
Steinway Street b/w 28th & 25th Avenues
Astoria, NY 11103

This guy is good, almost too good to share -- but I'm going to throw you a bone.  That's the way I am.

All kebabs are grilled to order, and served w/ a side of rice, salad and stewed vegetables.  The half-chicken plate can easily feed two people, and for only $9 you'd be a fool to pass.  The clientele consists of mostly Middle Eastern men, but the vendor goes out of his way to make outsiders feel welcome.  I discovered al-Shamy about five weeks ago and have been back every week since.  All it takes is one fix and you'll be hooked.

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  1. I happend to pass this cart tonight on my way back home from the M60, not my usual commuting route. I had remembered reading your review in the past, so I decided to try it out. Your review is spot-on. I asked the vendor what was good, he suggested the half-chicken platter. Rather than stewed vegetables, it came with a mildly-spicy tomato-based soup that had chunks of okra -- and it was pretty tasty. The chicken itself was also pretty juicy and flavorful. I'm definitely going back.