Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Ugly MF'er

The cherimoya is a pre-historic fruit native to the Andean-highland valleys of Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. This thing looks like something the Predator might snack on when not stalking unsuspecting soldiers in the bush.

The flavor is foreign, but not un-pleasing -- sweet and a bit musky. The texture is reminiscent of a cooked custard, or maybe even a panna cotta. If a mango had a three-some w/ a papaya & a banana, I suspect the cherimoya would be the result.

I enjoyed one specimen fridge-chilled and the other frozen. When frozen, the cherimoya's lavish flesh took on the texture of a sorbet, however, the taste was muddled; I much preferred the fridge-chilled cherimoya. I don't imagine this fruit is all that enjoyable at room temperature.

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