Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the pig's petute

another sunday afternoon ends in chinatown, a 25 mile ride under my belt and i am HUNGRY. the culinary possibilities in chinatown are endless. i recharge w/ some fresh coconut juice - straight from the coconut -- then quickly move on to the main event, roast meats - cantonese style. i usually go w/ roast duck but today i decide to try something a little different -- alright, a lot different -- stewed pig intestine.

it was vaguely reminiscent of roast duck, insofar as the fatty texture and "roast meat" flavor, however, it had a strong, decidedly gamey porkiness to it. truth-be-told, it wasn't all that bad -- in the moment. enamored by the cultural divide, i thoroughly enjoyed eating that pig's asshole, however, when i re-heated the leftovers two days later, it tasted like shit - literally. i suppose that should be expected when you eat something that at one time did, in fact, pipeline feces out of a pig's petute.

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  1. How Interesting, this is one my favorite homdemade dishes.To make the experience better, I Reccommend haveing a small bowl of Low sodium soy sauce by Kiko,Chinese Chili sauce & mix one tsp of sugar along with white rice. That my speical sauce I Make when I Eat fried intestine also great with rosted duck or steam chicken.