Monday, September 7, 2009

doin' blasts

pancakes from a can? who knew? -- apparently my mother.

oraganic BATTER BLASTER is a pre-packaged pancake/waffle mix conveniently contained in a pressurized can equipped w/ the ill nozzle tip; a la reddi wip.

you've got to love these BATTER BLASTER people based on their ingenuity alone. FINALLY, a product self-absorbed working mothers and the perpetually hungover can BOTH enjoy. "just shake...point...blast..and cook. it's that easy" -- that's the tag line.

and it's no lie. but how do the pancakes stack up?


the pancakes taste alright, but their texture leaves much to be desired. the leavening agent must get compromised during packaging because these pancakes sport a fluff factor of ZERO. moreover, the waffles had no body; no heft -- it was like snacking on a wafer, not a waffle.

no worries tho, for $5 this breakfast novelty is well worth it's weight in batter -- if only to help ease the woes of the "morning after"

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