Thursday, June 11, 2009

”Dosa Man, please, can I have another hit?”

NY Dosa
Washington Sq. S. @ Sullivan St.
Weekdays 11am-4pm

Q: what exactly is a "dosa"?

A: a crispy, paper-thin crepe made from rice and black lentils. they hail from Southern Indian and are often stuffed with curried potatoes ("masala dosa"), and served with wet chutneys.

Q: who makes the best dosa in NYC, on the cheap?

A: 2007 Vendy Award Winner, Thiru “Dosa Man” Kumar.

this cheerful little guy might be the only vegan street vendor in all of NYC, however, i don't want to pigeonhole him; this food is good, vegan or not. all dosas are made-to-order and are served with a refreshing coconut chutney and a shot of vegetable soup. his menu is simple - dosas and samosas, mostly, along with a few other regional specialties. my go-to dosa is the "pondicherry"; a delicate crepe filled with responsibly spiced potatoes, onions, capsicums, lettuce and fresh ginger.

if you’re in the area and don't mind a 10-20 minute wait in exchange for an amazing lunch at an unbeatable price, give the "Dosa Man" a go, because he wears corduroy.

--have a seat in the park, eat and enjoy the painfully obvious drug solicitations.

© 2009 c. c. villani @ "mission: insatiable" -


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