Sunday, May 3, 2009

EPIC FAIL -" ghenet "-

Ghenet (pronounced how Forrest Gump says "Jenny") is one of a few ethiopian restaurants in NYC. i've heard the Ghenet buzz for years, however, it wasn't until recently that i had a chance to try their food.

i was NOT impressed.

Ghenet - CLOSED
248 Mulberry Street
New York, NY

aloof and inefficient, the service at Ghenet was some of the WORST I've EVER encountered in my ENTIRE life. no joke, this is how it went down:

i arrived and had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated; no big deal this is NYC. i was seated and left unattended for another 20 minutes, the water arrives. another 10 minutes goes by before a runner drops off some toasted pita-point type things and a yogurt dipping sauce. i don't know what they were exactly because no one bothered to let me in on the secret. starving, i devour the mediocre gnosh - 10 minutes later the waiter arrives. the waiter stands behind me silently with a notepad in his hand. my girlfriend had to let me know he was trolling around so I could order. i told him I was unfamiliar with ethiopian cuisine, to which he replied, "HrrM". what a useless slag! i ordered to the best of my abilities, a "Ghenet Combination" and two glasses of wine; the wine never came. it took another 20-30 minutes to push out a plate of what were, to the best of my knowledge, salty slop piles. the waiter didn't surface again until it was time to scoot us out the door.

i will readily admit that the poor service negatively skewed my first impression of ethiopian fare...BIG TIME. that being said, i wasn't impressed anyway; the food reminded me of over-seasoned indian, sans the cultural flare. it tasted like something starving people eat just to stay alive; i suppose it was pretty authentic to that effect. on the upside there are no utensils, and considering how i usually end up eating with my hands anyway, i felt that i was in good company. the prices were also reasonable, if the food wasn't slop and the service wasn't muck.

the Mulberry St. location is now gone, and to that i say, "GOOD RIDDANCE!" my sources tell me that there's a Park Slope Ghenet, please, DON'T GO. i know it's fun to try new things, but this adventure just isn't worth it.

"Chips & Dip"

-- "lackluster" is the word i'm looking for.

"Ghenet Combination"

Doro Aletcha -- SALTY SLOP
mildly seasoned chicken served in lightly sauteed onion sauce

Sega Wett-- SALTY SLOP
morsels of prime rib served on awaze and kibe sauce prepared with a blend of spices

potatoes, carrots and red beets in home made salad dressing

Shiro Wett-- SALTY SLOP
spicy bean dish in a sauce of flavored with herbs and spices

Shiro Aletcha-- SALTY SLOP
mild bean dish in a delicately flavored herb sauce

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