Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Woori Wednesday!

"Woorijip" translates to, "Our House", and rightly so, as i imagine this is what it's like having a live-in korean grandmother -- hot soup on the stove, warm food in the oven, and leftovers in the fridge.

12 W 32nd Street (b/w 5th Ave. & B'way)

New York, NY 10001


take a step inside and you'll find yourself flanked by a hot buffet, teaming with korean staples such as bulgogi and dukbokki (hot & spicy rice cake); a soup bar, serving up tasty ramen; "incubators" keeping warm pre-made korean goodies to-go; and walls of refrigerators housing various vegetable creations and kimbap (korean sushi).

for about $6, the pre-packaged meals are a steal, however, be weary of the hot buffet, as it is easy to run up a tab. the food quality is +/- average, depending on the time and the day; lunch draws an overwhelming crowd but has the freshest food -- come later in the day and you might beat the crowds, however, freshness will be compromised.

the bold and pungent flavors championed by korean cuisine issue cravings like no other. Woorijip's endlessly diverse menu always has what I need to quell my appetite, it is so diverse (and cheap), in fact, that it kept a friend and i coming back every wednesday for a year and half for our Woori Wednesday fix.

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