Monday, March 30, 2009

full steam ahead

if you're jonesing for an indian fix in NYC you have two options; either go to a sit-down restaurant or hit up the local steam-table joint. for my time and money, it's steam-table every time.

"what is a steam-table joint?", you ask.

they are hole-in-the-wall operations, usually owned and operated by a pakistani family. look for brightly lit interiors with ZERO decor, save for large LCDs looping Bollywood movies nonstop. they're open late and cater to the working class immigrant on a budget; mostly cab drivers. all steam-table outposts have a steam-table , that is a counter top that utilizes steam to keep pre-prepared food hot for service. most locations also feature a tandoori oven that is used to make naan, a traditional indian flat bread. various kebabs as well as tandoori chicken are also prepared in said oven.

insofar as steam-table institutions go, Roti Boti clocks in right above the mid-mark; there are plenty better, but even more worse. i order the off menu vegetarian plate - one scoop each of the three veggies they offer daily over rice plus one naan. the portion is HEAPING and the price is MEAGER at $7. if you live in or around the outskirts of Astoria, Queens i strongly suggest giving this place a go; aside from just a few bucks, there's nothing to lose.

Roti Boti
27-09 21st Street
Astoria, NY 11102

(718) 278-7888

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